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    The Total Beginner's Guitar Course by Michael Palmisano

    Complete beginner? This is the course for you

    GIT graduate and seasoned professional Michael Palmisano takes you from buying your first guitar to everything you need to start playing with confidence.

    Essential Theory and Technique for Guitar

    Learn technique and understand the "why" behind what you are playing

    Gain a solid understanding of basic music theory and how it relates to guitar, how to play guitar with proper technique for left and right hands, how to play the Major Scale, how to create chords and play them on guitar.

    Jazz Guitar Tips, Tricks and Licks by Tyler Larson

    Learn the most important techniques and methods of jazz guitar

    In Jazz Guitar Tips, Tricks and Licks you'll find plenty of each. From chord voicings to phrasing to an exploration of various sub-genres like fusion and Latin jazz, you'll enjoy a buffet of awesome concepts to consider.

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